Friday, July 19, 2013



My Name is Scott Hillman and I'm a writer living in LA. This is my first time keeping a blogBut

This is not quite a traditional blog, if not in a traditional format.

Instead its a short story series i am writing called-well Tales of An 'Mazing Girl. Each story is self contained adventure(though there will be some serialization) of our heroine.

'Mazing Girl ts about the life and adventures of Sarah Jennings.She is 28, works as Prop Master in cable TV. She likes comic books, Warhammer 40k, and occasionally drinking. Shes what a nerd actually is trying to make do with what life gives her in life and adventures in Los Angeles.

She is also the most powerful Superhero in the city.

Let see where the adventures take her shall we?

(Preview: in the next adventure she goes to a pie restaurant. She has German Apple. Its pretty sweet)