Friday, August 9, 2013

A Depressing Encounter of Little Import

‘Mazing girl: Depressing Encounters of Little Import

Sarah was making love.

And being surprisingly bored with it.

They guy was an actor who had a guest role on her show last week as the villain’s evil henchman. They seemed to be hitting it off okay during dinner, but ahh...

He was handsome in a kind of cute way. He had Latino charm. His cock had been acceptable, and made decently funny sounds as she gave him a blowjob.

But he was just thrusting into her. Badly. Not horribly, but with not a lot of passion. And taking the time of it. Stamina this guy had. But was his penis to thin? Was his breath bad? She tried to analysis what was wrong it. That was more interesting then the actual sex.

She didn't want to tell him to stop. That would be rude. This wasn't rape - she could have crushed his penis with her vagina in a second if she wanted to (but never actually had)...but this wasn't fun, and as he continued with increasing stamina it was becoming less boring and more something she wanted to end.

She tried switching positions, getting on top. Increasing her thrust...but he pushed her kind of roughly underneath him again. He wanted to be in charge. Fuck him.

She tried putting her legs together; she heard that helped...nope. Putting them upward to change his angle, he pushed her down. He was really enjoying this and the part of her that kind of liked him - which was fading by the moment - appreciated that. But fading by the moment.

"Um...I’m getting a cramp."

"What?” the guy asked.

"like, my lower back, can you stop a minute?”

"Just give me a second."

Sarah sighed...and he continued to pump into her.

And it was getting really unpleasant.

She moved a hand onto his stomach and pushed, very slightly for her, but hopefully forcefully.


She pushed him out...just to get a splatter of cum coming out of his cock all over her.

Great. Just great.

A good guys seed was a tressure. This was crummy...she wanted to take a shower.

They were at his none too shabby apartment. She wanted to go. However she didn't have a car. Frankly she could have been home, street clothes or no, in less then a minute. But Sarah made a point never to do that.

 Where was her costume? Not here.


To get him to take her home and not cuddle, she suggested they go to a bar near where she parked her car.

When he wasn't fucking her he was objectively kind of charming. However, that was rapidly fading in her eyes. Still, he seemed happy. She had the horrible feeling that he thought things were going great, and there was much calling to be done in the future. She didn't want to break his heart in person.

Because of her powers she was never afraid of guys. He was no threat to her whatsoever...however, fighting was unpleasant. It made for bad emotions. And it never ended well.

So she went to the bar and agreed to have a drink. A beer, so she could get home a little okay.

The bar itself she had never been in before. She had always assumed it was a divey nothing. However, going inside it looked a bit like Cheers, all oaks, and a veneer of class. If, like Cheers, not much actual class. Still people did seem friendly and a lot of people where laughing, so many this was funny.

But no one knew her name. Well, her date did, but she wanted to forget him.

They sat at a table. He looked pretty satisfied with himself. Sarah was no model, 5'6 of plumpy flesh, but the guy looked like he had scored with Kate Upton or something. Like he was going to call all of his friends and all of her friends and tell them about it. What a creep.

Now he was laughing, telling a funny audition story. Actors were the only people who liked funny audition stories. She should make it a rule never to sleep with actors, but she hated rules like that. Just like she hated actors. And herself. God, should she make it a rule never to be that stupid again?

She wasn't precisely sure she was going to cry when she got into her car but that was increasingly possible. Especially because the fake charm of the guy was rubbing her the wrong way. She felt alone and very helpless.

She hadn't been raped, that was obvious. She ‘Mazing Girl for one, and two: well, she had said yes, I mean...she had consented. She had lead the guy on. She had given him oral sex, and kissed him. That somehow made the violation worse.

And he was laughing. Laughing his fool head off.

Everyone in the bar seemed to be laughing.

They all knew, didn't they...


"Are you okay, my little Miss Piggy?" he asked.

She looked at him. And then slapped him. His face grew red as his entire body turned around in its chair and flew to the floor.

Oh no.

She really shouldn't have done that.

Her super-strength was a gift. Her gift, her power, to use to make the world a better place. And every second of every day she had to respect that. Now look at her...she had hopefully not killed this guy, not over bad sex. She hoped he was okay...but what a pathetic loser she was. She was one of the strongest people in the world and she had done this to the guy. 

She looked around the bar. There were about 20 people there that night. None of them seemed to be responding. Usually when people fought in bars there was a bouncer or something. Well, she deserved to get get beat up.

But everyone in the bar, well most of them, were laughing uproariously. Some of them were laughing so hard they were crying. One of the guys in the corner looked terrified. He was weirdly pathetic. like her.

And weirdly wrong, like her.

She put her head to the table and started to cry even as the guy moaned on the floor. He at least would live. But only to tell everyone what a monster she was. Because she was a monster.

Then the bar door opened, and a man with a gas mask walked in wearing a tweedy suit.

"Rolling drunks isn't the biggest crime, I'll give it. But it has the virtue of simplicity."

Oh no, thought Sarah. Oh shit.

He pushed one of the laughing men over who didn't resist at all. "And lucrative enough. I bet there’s 5000 dollars here tonight."

Sarah put her head down to cry, trying to snap out of it. But she was sad. He was so fucked. The guy was still down for the count, everyone else was lost.

She watched him go from the door, pacing through the room, taking peoples wallets, jewellery (he left their wedding rings, luck saps). The people seemed so very out of it, so lost in their own strong emotions that they couldn't be bothered. Sarah was obviously the same, she constantly cried.

One of the people tried to make a break for the door - even in his fit of laughter, and Sarah saw it as an opportunity. With incredible difficulty because it was just so God-damn sad, she got up and ran for the door, Probably faster then was normal for a fat piggy who no-one loved. She got through with the guy and two others. The professor, if he saw, ignored them.

Sarah paused outside. Here she felt maybe a little better. It was obvious now that a gas of some kind was at work, something that effected your emotions...made them more acute. A metaphor perhaps for drinking, but she had only had, like, one beer.

She ran for her car, now going defiantly faster then she should have, but what-the-hey. She grabbed open the trunk and broke the lock as she pulled it up (not for the first time). Inside was her costume. She was a stupid fucking idiot who let herself get taken tonight, but she was going to make good.


The mad scientist, whoever he was, was down the bar by the time ‘Mazing Girl burst through the door.

"Shows over partner. This town isn't big enough for the two of us."

Sarah liked to think of her repartee with villains as witty. She wasn't super good at it, but she gave it a shot.  He wasn’t  a western themed villain or anything, but well...

The gas mask wearing fiend turned. "Oh great."

Sarah walked hesitantly...but the gas was affecting her. She was crying and balling as she walked in. It was 20 feet, but each step was harder, tougher...and as she got close to him she just fell to the floor.

"You should have invested in gas mask technology," said the man.

He kicked her, but she didn't even feel it.

She was crying. She had been fault. She had been so stupid. Stupid...and dumb. Weak. And look at her now.

He pulled out a gun and shot the top of her head. But she didn't really feel that either. That was perhaps the good part of strong emotions. No real pain could get in.

And she cried. It was just so fucking Horrible.

Then he shot her again in the head. That she felt. She got up to her hands and tried to punch his legs. But she missed.

" an unexpected pleasure. What I have learned. I am not sure I can kill you tonight. I can make you cry. That’s what my new gas can do. Lovely..."

Lovely. That was a word for this guy.  

"you would feel that way, Professor Milner" observed a new voice

And the entire room felt like it was full of ghosts, which didn't help Sarah’s mood.

"Where are you?" demanded The Professor.

"present" said the voice...which Sarah realized was The flame. Her voice sounded as if she should be played by Juliet Landeu.

"feeling a tad scared are you? Emotion. I admit it has power. such abuse, to control. but this is sadism. And that is beneath us."

Sarah saw the man wildly move his gun around. But then he grabbed a man slumped over into narcoleptic sleep "I can't kill her...but I can kill him."

"you know, guns are useless around me," said The flame. There was a slight mockery in her voice. "As are your toys, your tricks, everything."

Milner looked around, terrified. "I'll do it!!"

"and you'll be charged for murder when I bring you in. either way is fine with me.”

With that, out of a slightly misty haze, The flame walked in. Her denim dress and the light of the bar made her look like a demon.

"why doesn't my gas work on you?" demanded Milner.

"I have no heart to break, like she has, Like they do. I envy you, perhaps, but that would be an emotion, a feeling. You’re nothing. You’re trying to pretend to be me, but it won't work.”

Milner started to cough inside his mask, coughing in fits and starts.

"your mask that protects you, has inside it a little filter. tinder. its going now, quickly in fact. it won't last long. You can either fight it, or join your creations"

Milner kept coughing and coughing.

Sarah was watching it. And realized that she wasn't feeling terrible. She wasn't sad. Well...she was, but this....

Milner at last pulled off his mask, and breathed in his own gas.

Wow, he was black, Sarah realized. As he collapsed into a pile of gibbering fear like something out of Lovecraft.

Was it racist to notice he was black right away?

The flame walked over and helped ‘Mazing Girl up.

"he was a professor at USC. promising once, too. but look at him now. pathetic. just pathetic"


Ambulances soon came and took care of some the people. Most of them, once they left the bar, were okay. ‘Mazing Girl was fine, or are least told them so. Hospitals, when it came to secret identities, were awkward places.

Her date ended there too. No one quite figured out what happened to him. Probably for the best.

She stood in an alley, in costume, drinking water as she considered her next step. She was still a wreck emotionally, but there was a slight pleasure in knowing that her emotions came from chemicals. Well, mostly.

She thought about flame. Now that was professionally done in there. She had a much different persona. A kind of friendly, help-everyone type of derring-do, but she could respect a professional.

Sarah caught her breath as she stood against a lamppost. In an alley, the shadows moved.

"are you alright?" asked the flame.

"I guess just need that stuff to get out of me," Sarah replied, shaking her head.

"dr. milner’s serums tend to take a couple of hours to work there way through," said The flame. "there is stuff I could do, but I’m afraid the cure is worse then the serum. no, I am afraid your going to have suffer through it."

Sarah grunted. She wasn't sad anymore, but was still in the kind of emotionally vulnerable state that led to sadness. Standing next to this fearsome creature didn't help.

"You married?" she asked the flame. Something about her suggested that the answer was yes. They probably had a happy marriage too, where they all went to wholefoods on Sunday. No kids. No-one could be that thin and have had kids.

"as a matter of fact, I am not" said flame.

"Wanted pointers on how to do this and have a romantic life."

"doesn't knife girl, I think, have a live in boyfriend? once caught a stray thought of hers, though I don't mean to pry."

"Yeah," Sarah shook her head.

"it’s certainly doable. it’s a juggle, I anything else. So many balls. Some of them, perhaps, have to be put down now and again, But it’s workable."

flame looked at ‘Mazing Girl in a way that instantly judged her and found her wanting, Sarah could almost feel flame’s power inside of her. .and

"you’re a good sort, ‘mazing. not just in the power department, but in general. someday, you’re going to make someone happy."

And with that, and a pivot, flame walked back into the shadows.

‘Mazing Girl shrugged. She knew the stuff about having no heart was just part of the act. Maybe flame wasn't a monster. Which suggested that Sarah wasn't a monster either. Which was probably all for the best.

Still, Sarah really wanted to get home to shower.

The End...